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Packer Park is between Packer Avenue and Pattison Avenue, from Broad Street to South 20th Street, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19145.  The Franklin Delano Roosevelt Park is just south of our neighborhood. 

The Packer Park Civic Association was incorporated in June, 1990, with the mission to uphold and maintain civic pride and improve the living conditions within Packer Park through the cooperative actions of area residents and other interested persons and groups.

In 2001, the Packer Park Civic Association, Inc. received the coveted designation of a 501 (c) 3 corporation from the IRS, which allows any donations, gifts and grants to the association to be a federal tax deduction to the donor.  


This website is the ONLY website authorized and composed by the Packer Park Civic Association and the beautiful community that we proudly serve.

We do NOT solicit any information concerning your home or your address.
We do NOT try to sell any products to you.
We do NOT solicit listings or sell insurance.

We are purely a non-profit Civic Association and our mission is to protect, beautify and improve our neighborhood. We want our neighbors to stay with us for a long time, NOT sell out.

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Hotline telephone number: 215-336-4373

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